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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day! We strongly feel that your wedding day is just that... "Yours"!... Our staff of entertainers work together to make sure the main focus is on you and your guests. We do not take any attention away from the reason why everyone is there!

Our staff will work with you very closely throughout the entire planning process. From our first meeting until the last, making sure to go over all of your formalities and specifics in great detail. You will not have to worry about a thing on the day of your wedding!

We have over 27 years of wedding experience, having performed at thousands of weddings since 1986. We are honored to have been chosen by so many brides and grooms over the years. They put their trust in us and we hope you will too!

You can also incorporate many extras into your special day such as:
  • Ceremony/ Cocktail Music
  • Personalized Photo Montages
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Digital Zap Photos
  • Photo Booths
  • Ambient LED Up Lighting and so much more!
These options can make your event even more memorable, unique and fun for all!

Start Organizing Now!

Choose from the 5 options below

Plan 1 - "The Essential"

DJ, Hi-Def sound system, basic DJ booth setup*

Plan 2 - "The Elegant"

DJ, MC, Hi-Def sound system, illuminated DJ booth, classic light show*

Plan 3 - "The Premier"

DJ, MC, Hi-Def sound system, illuminated DJ booth, premium light show, assorted novelty giveaway package*

Plan 4 - "The Royal"

DJ, MC, Hi-Def sound system, illuminated DJ booth, computerized motion light show with lasers, 1 flat screen monitor, 50 picture montage, live event simulcast and your choice of name GOBO (monogram in lights) or assorted novelty giveaway package *,**

Plan 5 - "The Majestic"

DJ, MC, Hi-Def sound system, illuminated DJ booth, computerized motion light show with lasers, illuminated dance platform, 2 flat screen monitors, 50 picture montage, live event simulcast and your choice of a live percussionist or digital zap photos with printable file *,**

Options and Add-ons:

Ceremony or Cocktail Music Setup, Karaoke, LED Kinetic Uplighting (wall wash), Custom Monogram GOBO, Illuminated Dance Platforms, X-Box 360/Wii or Ps3 Setup, Flat Screen Monitors, Digital Zap Photos, Photo Montage, Novelty Photo Booth Setup, Red Carpet/ Photo Backdrop, Dancers, Live Musicians, Entertainers, Bands and much more!

* Note: Music tailored to your needs and special requests. All plans are for Four Hours unless otherwise specified. All plans can be customized to suit your event.

Take a look at our extensive photo gallery.

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Contact us today and meet the friendly people who will help make the event wonderful!