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Your wedding day will be one of the most important days in your life.  Wedding photography/ video is about sharing the most intimate and touching moments from that day.

Capturing the excitement of your wedding day is our number one goal.  Our photographers carry the responsibility of portraying intense emotion through pictures, at the same time telling a story about your wedding day. Our talented staff will approach each event with an artistic perspective, resulting in beautiful photographs that can be displayed as fine art.

Take a look at our extensive photo gallery.

Professional Photography

  • An eye for moments...

    Our photographers are savvy to look for the unique and spontaneous moments that happen quickly. They'll be ready for the shot!
  • Experience counts...

    Our team has shot hundreds of events. This experience counts most when you are looking to capture the moment forever.
  • Storytelling...

    Photography is not about pointing and shooting, but about telling a story via photos and organizing those images perfectly. So when you see them, you get to relive that special day all over again.
Our wedding packages are designed to make your decisions about the number of photos, sizes and album styles easier. Choose from the below options.

Gold Package

  • 40-page, 80 images 12x12, custom designed bonded album
  • 30-page, 30 images 8x10, custom designed brides parent album
  • 30-page, 30 images 8x10 custom designed grooms parent album
  • 1, 16x20 bride and groom wall portrait (no frame)
  • 100 thank you 4x6 photos with envelopes
  • All locations: house, church/synagogue, park & reception hall
  • 8 hours of coverage*

Silver Package

  • 30-page, 60 images 10x10, custom designed bonded album
  • 24-page, 24 images 5x7, designed brides parent album
  • 24-page, 24 images 5x7 designed grooms parent album
  • 1, 16x20 custom wall portrait of bride and groom (no frame)
  • 75 thank you 4x6 photos with envelopes
  • All locations: house, church/synagogue, park & reception hall
  • 8 hours of coverage*

Love Story

  • 30-page, 60 images 10x10, custom designed SS album
  • 1, 11x14 custom wall portrait (no frame)
  • 1, 30-page, 5x7  parents album (non-design)
  • 50 thank you 4x6 photos with envelopes
  • Locations: church/synagogue, park & reception hall
  • 6 hours of coverage*

Bronze Package

  • 30-page, 30 images 10x10, image SS album
  • 1, 11x14 wall portrait (no frame)
  • 4 hours of coverage*

Fully Edited Video

  • Opening graphics
  • Baby photo montage
  • Opening song
  • Names and invitation
  • Special effects throughout the video
  • Family member interviews
  • Recap of events
  • Black and white footage

Partial Edit Video

  • 6 hours of coverage

* All packages can be customized to suit your individual needs and tastes. Additional DVDs are available upon request.